Don't panic!

We know this questionnaire can look daunting; but it only takes 5 minutes and helps us cater perfectly to your big day! Weddings are a huge milestone for couples in love - let us help the best we can 🖤

A few things to remember:

  • The photographers will be as unintrusive and helpful as possible! We pride ourselves in easing the stress of our couples' big days
  • Our 2 largest packages include two photographers; the smaller two packages require booking a second shooter at an additional cost
  • If you are planning for a First Look we recommend a 60-minute cocktail hour for your guests. If you are planning to meet at the altar, we recommend a 90-minute cocktail hour in order to ensure that couples' photos are possible before entering the reception
  • Getting everyone in place for group photos is perhaps one of the most time consuming parts of a wedding; it helps if you pre-assign one family member to assist in rounding up the desired persons for group and family shots!