What's New with Sweeting Moments?

Well, THIS, for starters. We're officially launching a monthly newsletter as well as a brand new VIP group for all of our past and future returning clients. We're super excited for this announcement as it means lots of new engagement with all of our favorite people. It also means lots of new offers and perks as a way to say "Thank you!" to you all. (I refuse to use ya'll there) For years, we've been trying to think of an appropriate way to say thank you to every single one of our clients who book with us over & over again; you're half the reason this business has grown so much over the past 4 years and your commitment means the WORLD to us.

How will I know I'm a VIP Member?

You will receive an email tomorrow with a link and password to our brand new VIP page on our website. After entering the website you'll notice a variety of perks and features. These will include things like;

  • A list of all of your new benefits
  • An exclusive access page to upcoming minis & scheduling before they're released on our business page
  • Three separate coupon codes for special offers & discounts on all of your sessions
  • Two guaranteed dates every single month exclusively for VIP members, closed to public scheduling
  • Unlimited access to our wedding, session, and style guides as well as our preferred vendors and locations
  • Special giveaways & gifts - from us to you!

November Shenanigans!

It's finally Turkey-month! And Christmas time, so mind ya business if you walk into my house and all of the decorations are up. You'll also probably hear me jamming to Christmas music in my car before and/or after sessions, or you'll see me in my Christmas attire and Christmas travel mugs.... again.... no judgment.

We'll be taking Thursday, Thanksgiving Day off, as well as the weekend following Thanksgiving. All inquiries for bookings for the weekend of November 27th-28th should be directed towards Logan - the other half of the business (and my heart).

Christmas Shopping, YES PLEASE!

Also, if you're anything like us and knee-deep in Christmas shopping for family, friends, and the kids, we have some recommendations!

If you'd like to order a customized Collage Cup from our sister company (because it's my business too so... a little bias there 😏) all custom Christmas orders have to be placed no later than December 5th. Follow this link to place an order or if you have questions. Definitely don't forget in all of the Black Friday rushes this month to visit local shops and help out small business owners during the holidays!

For the ladies in your life; you can't go wrong with anything sentimental or self-care. A gift basket with a nice blanket, some goodies, a journal, book, or planner, a new mug (may I recommend a customized mug?.....), a face mask, and some lotion is perfect! A night away in a local hotel, just for a much needed break is even better.

For the men in your life; go personalized! Personalized office supplies, loungewear, hobbies & interests, or even merchandise from his favorite artist or band! Or visit Hobby Lobby. There are a tons of men-themed interests up and down the aisles; inspiration is bound to hit you sometime. Also, visit Etsy for great quality men's gifts and gift sets. 10/10 would recommend.

For the kiddos; it may not be as exciting for them in-the-moment, but go day trips and experiences wherever possible! If you have to, print out some pictures of the event/location that showcase the fun and put it in a small album for them to view with their gift card. That way they'll be excited to plan. Getting them crafting sets, workbooks, and interactive toys is best, too. Save yourself the hassle of a million small figurines that you'll be stepping over for the next year and just go interactive!

Availability for November

Our dates are limited for the remainder of the 2021 season, with only the following open;

  • Sunday morning, November 7th from 10am - 1pm
  • Monday anytime November 22nd
  • Wednesday anytime November 24th
  • Friday anytime November 26th

Our turnaround now with wedding season just in the recent past, is approximately 3-4 weeks for full sessions. Please be mindful of this when scheduling.