What's New with Sweeting Moments?

We're enjoying every single second of all of the holiday festivities this year! Last year was so crazy busy, neither of us felt very Christmas-y. This year, however, we're on overload 😍 The most exciting of the new changes is going to be our name. After the first of the year, we're planning to rebrand. This means new business name, new logo, new website - you know; The Works. If you have any ideas for names, we're all ears! But in the meantime, keep an eye out for those big changes in January.

ALSO, we've added a calendar to our weddings & information page so that you can see which dates for weddings are available and which are booked.

Mark Your Calendars Now! Minis for 2022

In 2021, we weren't able to get you guys all of the minis that we usually do for the year. It was an extra-busy wedding season, and our busiest year overall. But 2022 we'll have the privilege of running this business full time! So I've officially blocked off dates in advance that we plan to utilize for minis. A full list of the dates & mini session categories (with some very special ideas for our returning clients!) will be released on our VIP website. But for everyone else, our Fall & Christmas minis will be happening on the following dates;

Fall ---> Sunday, September 18th & Sunday, September 25th

Christmas ---> Saturday, November 12th & Sunday, November 13th

So be sure to jot down a little note in your 2022 plans. You won't regret it!

December Festivities!

First things first; we will not be scheduling any photos between December 20th and the 25th. We've spent the last few years working Christmas (editing photos relentlessly trying to build this little business), and this year, we're not touching our computers or answering any emails as we'll be spending as much time with our families as possible; especially our kiddos! The weather is.... well, December in PA, so we have some tips and tricks for the upcoming cold-weather sessions!

1) Hand warmers - I know it seems silly but please, please, please, do yourself a favor and stop and invest in a pack of these little suckers for your session, especially if you have kiddos. They're a lifesaver when gloves are a no-go and they hide in pockets so well.

2) Hats - We're photographers who truly enjoy the documentary feel to photos. So please feel free to throw on a cute beanie for your family session this winter! You're going to love the photos regardless of whether or not we can see the top of your head and it does wonders for keeping toasty in the hour we're with you.

3) Waterproof those boots - Most boots people choose to wear in the winter time are waterproof anyways, but once in a while there's an ideal pair for photos that doesn't quite do the job of keeping your toes warm & dry. And that's okay! When you buy the hand warmers, pick up a bottle of waterproofing spray from the shoe aisle. Treat them a day or two beforehand and you should be good to go.

4) Layers - (and I can't say this enough) layers, layers, layers! Even if you feel ridiculous, put leggings on under pants, tanktops, tshirts, long-sleeves under shirts; whatever you can do to bundle without looking bundled (if that's what you prefer, but if you want to wear your giant parka for the session, PLEASE by all means, do that too)

At the end of the day, it's our job to create moments that translate into heartfelt memories when they're delivered in your galleries; we'll pay attention to the little details during the session. Your job is to be comfortable, happy, and as warm as can be. We'll take care of the rest <3

Christmas Reminders 🎄

I'm going to get a little cliché here; but please remember to enjoy time with the people you love this holiday! The last few years has been so crazy. Between politics, the economy, and oh yeah; the Pandemic, we've seen such a shift in people's priorities/schedules/esteem. We're all tired. We're all working around the clock. We're all stressed. But most of all; we're all lucky to be here. Our families are still our families, we still have our houses to curl up in at the end of the day and our loved ones to hold onto tightly. Remember it & embrace it this holiday season <3

Availability for December

We are completely booked for the remainder of the 2021 season; the only exception being our December dates for our VIPs.

We will not be scheduling any photos from December 20th - 26th.

Our turnaround now (with wedding season just in the recent past) is approximately 3-4 weeks for full sessions. Please be mindful of this when scheduling.